steve's salsa recipe

1 Servings
Habenero pepper (dice first)
½  Medium/large onion (cut into quarters)
Good-sized cloves of garlic (chop finely or press) (up to 5)
Dozen sprigs of cilantro, to taste (cut up) (up to 2)
½  Lime, juice of
1 teaspoon Salt, to taste (up to 2)
Tomatillos, steamed
Fresh Roma tomatos (halved)

Chop the following ingredients, in order, in the salsa machine of your choice. For good chunky salsa, don't over-chop the tomatoes! Chop these ingrediants together fairly finely. Now add the tomatoes, and remember admonition above.

That's it! This will make a fairly HOT salsa. (P.S. after handling the Habenero, be very careful about touching your eyes. You know what Pepper-Mace is made of?!)

For a medium salsa, replace the Habenero pepper with 3-5 Serrano chiles.

For a mild salsa, use a single Serrano, or even a Jalepeno pepper.

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