special bitter

54 Servings
15 pounds Pale unhopped dry extract
2 pounds Crystal malt
1 pounds Flaked barley
1 pounds Pale malt
1 teaspoon Gypsum
½ teaspoon Salt
1 teaspoon Irish moss
4½  HBUs
14  HBUs
½ ounce Fuggles hops (finish)
1 ounce East Kent Goldings hops
26 grams Fuggles hops (dry hop)
40 grams East Kent Goldings (dry)
  Young's yeast culture
  Beechwood chips
  Fuggles hops (boil)
  Northern Brewer hops
  Cascade hops (boil)

This is a 10-gallon partial mash recipe. Use standard procedures, brew- ing about 7 gallons of wort in a 10-gallon kettle, followed by a 7- gallon primary and 2 5-gallon secondaries, then keg (or bottle).

Recipe By : Chuck Cox


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