shir-berinj (rice pudding)

4 Servings
¼ pounds Rice
1 pint Milk
4 ounces Sugar
4 ounces Sultanas
  Rose water or vanilla
  Pistachio nuts
  From The Cookbook of the United Nations, by Barbara
  United Nations Association of the U.S.A, 1967
  per Leti Labell
  Fidonet COOKING echo

Wash the rice and spread it out on a flat board to dry. When completely dry, crush to a third of the size of the grain. Boil the milk and allow it to thicken, stirring constantly. When it is reduced to three-quarters of the original quantity, add the rice and cook for a few minutes. Add sugar and sultanas, and cook until you have a thick custard (10 to 15 minutes). Remove from heat and flavor to taste with rose water or vanilla. Sprinkle with pistachio nuts. Serve hot or cold.


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