rice with pumpkin italian style

4 Servings
350  Grams rice
Liter broth
500  Grams pumpkin
Spoonfuls olive oil
80  Grams butter
1 small Onion
  Salt and pepper to taste

In a large pan put the cubed pumpkin with half the oil and half the butter and let it get soft, adding some water if necessary, salt and pepper (about 10 minutes). Bring broth to a simmer; keep it there, don't let it actually reach a rolling boil. In a large saucepan, saute the chopped onion with the remaining oil and butter, then add the rice and stir for a couple of minutes. Add the pumpkin and ½ cup or so of the hot broth (keep it simmering!); stir this in, add another ½ cup or so as the rice dries out, and stir it often to keep it from sticking. Just add more liquid whenever it starts sticking or looking dry; the rice will soak it all up When the rice is done (18 minutes for an italian rice like Arborio or Roma), add some more butter and serve hot. ALFREDO@...



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