parakeet cassoulet

14 servings
2 pounds Great Northern white beans
4 ounces Salt pork
1 large Onion *
  Bouquet garni **

This was a favourite of the 20-30's Palm Beach UpperCrust.

* the tear jerker is studded with 2 cloves... personally, I think diamonds would be nicer! ** 3 sprigs parsley, 1 bay leaf, sprig thyme, 4 peppercorns.

Day 1.... Soak the beans in enough water to cover....all day! Boil the salt pork 10 mins. Drain and chop finely. Drain beans, rinse, put in large <Very Large> kettle. Top up with water. Add pork, onion, bouquet, carrots; simmer for 1½ hours. Now's a good time to clean the kitchen.

Day 2.... 1 tbsp butter 2 more onions <choppppppped> 2 cloves garlic <minnnnnnnnsed> 1 can tomato sauce <is that tom(ae)to or tom(ah)to?> 1 cup white wine

Saute' onions and garlic in butter Add sauce and wine. <you drank it? Welllllllll......> Dump the sludge in with the beans Damn, forgot to tell you to remove studded onion, carrots, and around in the kettle. Set aside......for day 3.

Day 3.... 6lb leg of lamb 3lb duck <no quacker?..chicken...... no clucker?..37 parakeets> 5lb pork roast Bung all that in the oven and roast each until done. Let cool till tomorrow. What'da you mean the parakeets got loose?! Well....use a net!!

Day 4.... Debone the leg of lamb. Ahh's afeared those parakeets are gonna be toughies to debone, but give it a shot, you got all day.

Done?....only took 6hrs...Good boy! Ok, chop up the lamb and pork into chunks. I think you can skip chopping up the parakeets. Bung that into the fridge till tomorrow. No time for house cleaning today...maybe tomorrow.

Day 5.... 1.5lbs French sausage <Never heard of it, huh? Me neither....Polish>

In large skillet, brown sausage. Here you get to do a little flaming. Add a little water, cover and simmer gently, easy does it! Drain chop and throw into pot with yesterday's chunks of meat. Here's a good day to clean the front room. :-) Day 6.... salt and pepper to taste <Jeez, y'got 14 different tastes to deal with!> 1½ cups bread crumbs ¼ cup chopped parsley 1 more can tomato sauce.

Now....did you forget what you did with the beans? Find that giant kettle. It's gotta be in the kitchen somewhere? Look in the closet.

Ok. Now...dump out the beans...Not it the Sink!!! Damn..too late. Oh well...start with a layer of meat and continue with beans until the kettle tops up. Don't forget to salt & pepper between layers. Top the pot with bread crumbs and parsley and bung in oven again, uncovered.

How long?....1 hour. Perfect time to start cleaning the dining room.

In between cleaning check pot and add the extra can of tomato sauce if it looks dry.

Day 7.... Reheat an hour before guests start arriving. Just stay out of the white wine!

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