microwave vegetable steaming chart

1 Servings
6 ounce acorn squash; 6-8 min.
8 ounces Asparagus spears (2 cups); 5-7 min.
6 ounces Broccoli spears (2 cups); 3-4 min.
15 ounces Carrots; cut in 1/4" slices (3 cups), 7-9 min.
5 ounces Cauliflower flowerets (2 cups); 3-4 min.
Ears corn on the cob (12 oz.); 7-8 min.
10 ounces Pea pods (4 cups); 4-6 min.
12 ounces Peppers; sweet, cut into strips (4 cups), 5-7 min.
3 cups Potatoes; quartered, 7-8 min.
12 ounces Zucchini; 1/4" slices (4 cups), 4-6 min.

Wash, trim and peel fresh vegetables as necessary. Arrange vegetable pieces in a colander/steamer that is made for the microwave. Add ½ cup water to the container that will hold the steamer. Cover and vent. Cook on 100% power (high) for time shown or until vegetables are crisp-tender, stirring or rearranging once. Typed by Lynn Thomas dcqp82a. Source: Tupperware.

Recipe by: Tupperware

Posted to TNT - Prodigy's Recipe Exchange Newsletter by WWGQ25C@... (MRS LYNN P THOMAS) on Dec 27, 1997

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