long island iced tea #2

6 Servings
½  Shot Tequila
½  Shot Vodka
½  Shot Gin
½  Shot Rum
3.00  Shots Coca Cola
½  To 1 shot Sour Mix (or Tom Collins Mix or Whiskey Sour Mix)

SOURCE: Natl Cooking Echo 18 Jun 90 Contributed to the echo by: Sallie Austin Put all in a glass and stir and watch out. Not my idea of a way to consume alcohol (I would prefer too much wine or champagne <grin>), but I believe this was the recipe. Does taste close to iced tea though... --Michelle M. Bass

My boyfriend is a "working manager" of a bar here... i.e., he bartends. He said to add these to the preceding ingredients: ½ shot 151 Rum (in addition to the regular rum) ½ shot Triple Sec or Cointreau

I only tried one of these... I agree with Michelle... at least with wine or champagne it requires a few hours of sipping before you pass out, instead of a few minutes <big GRIN>.

BTW- I just asked Jim if he was sure that both 151 and regular rum were used, and why... he said "to hurt people". Good enough reason for

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