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Anyway, since Cairn mentioned the Dean & DeLuca Cookbook by David Rosengarten, I thought I'd offer these recipes from his book. Of these sauces, we've only tried the SOUTH CAROLINA STYLE BARBECUE SAUCE so far, and it was terrific. My Atlanta sister says it's authentic.

The thicker barbecue sauces (Kansas City, Texas, western Carolina, South Carolina) present multiple possibilities. You can slather them on pieces of grilled or barbecued meat, or you can paint the meat with the sauces during the last few minutes of cooking. At the table, you can pour the sauce in tour plate and dip meat in it, or you can put your cooked meat on a sandwich and slather that with sauce.

The eastern Carolina-style and the Kentucky- black barbecue sauces are another story. They are quite different from what most of us call barbecue sauce: thin and vinegary. Many Northerners wonder how to use them.

The procedure is simple. You take meat that has been cooked for a long time and is falling apart (typically, pork in Carolina, lamb around Owensboro, Kentucky), you pull the shreds apart, you moisten the meat with the barbecue sauce in a bowl (shreds from a 4 to 5 pound bone-in hunk of meat will need about 2 cups of sauce), and you serve the dressed meat shreds on cheap, innocuous white rolls or on supermarket white bread.

Connoisseurs may add coleslaw and hot sauce.

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