gulyas soup

1 Servings
2½ cup Cubed beef
1 cup Onions cut in small pieces
5 tablespoons Oil or shortening
1 tablespoon Hungarian paprika
800 eaches Gr. potatos
1 cup Green peppers (cut in pieces)
1 each Tomato
  Salt, pepper, garlic (optional)
 carton Seeds
  Add meat and sl.Keep stiring. When

the meat is browned add carraway seads and a small amount of water.

Let simmer (covered) on slow heat adding water if necessary and stiring occasionaly. When meet is almost tender add potatos, green pepper and tomato (cut into cubes). Add water and boil 20 more minutes. This is the basic recipe. There are endless variations (with a kind of pasta, with different vegetables etc.) If somebody is realy interested I will post more, but it takes time :a . to write in english b. to type it. So only serious cooks please, apply! (smile) Gulash (sp. Gulyas in Hungarian) soup

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