fresh turnip salad

6 Servings

2 lb Turnips, peeled and shredded ¼ ts Black pepper 1½ c Chopped celery 3 tb Mayonnaise, or to taste 2 oz Chopped pimento, drained FOLLOWING ARE OPTIONAL ½ c Chopped ripe olives, PLUS 1 ts Hot red pepper sauce More for garnish 1 ts Garlic powder ¼ ts Salt

In a large mixing bowl, combine turnips, celery, pimento, olives, salt, black pepper and mayonnaise. Toss to mix well; taste and adjust seasonings. Add pepper sauce and garlic powder, and toss to blend.

Best made a day ahead. NOTE: The original recipe does not call for pepper sauce or garlic, and yields a light crisp salad without them.

But, if you prefer a bit more flavor, the pepper sauce and garlic powder add zest without overpowering the delicious taste of the fresh turnip.

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