exceedingly gooey chocolate brownies

24 Servings
550 grams Plain chocolate; (1 1/2 lb)
225  Butter; (8 oz)
2 tablespoons Freshly made strong coffee
225 grams Caster sugar; (8 oz)
75 grams Flour; (3 oz)
½ teaspoon Salt
175 grams Walnuts; (6 oz), chopped
1 teaspoon Vanilla essence


1) Grease and line a baking tin - 22 x 29½ cm by 19 x 26½ cm. Pre-heat oven to 190*C (375*F), gas mark 5 2) chop up half the chocolate and melt the other half with the butter 3) Mix the eggs, coffee and sugar together in a large bowl, then beat in the melted chocolate. Fold in the flour, salt, walnuts, vanilla, and chopped chocolate and pour into tin 4)Bake for 45 min or until just firm to centre. Recipe by Good Housekeeping Complete Book of Chocolate

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