epaule d'agneau farcie a la provencale

6 servings
Lamb shoulder weighing 1-1.2kg
  Salt and pepper
  Pork caul
  Oil - butter
1 small Carrot; cut into mirepoix
1 medium Onion; cut into mirepoix
1 small Piec celery; cut into mirepoix
100 grams Pork loin
100 grams Pork throat
  Chopped parsley
1 bunch Basil
50 grams White bread soaked in milk and squeezed
  ; dry
12  Black olives; pitted, blanched
  ; well and cut in
  ; pieces
Red pepper; roasted, peeled and
  ; diced
Green pepper; roasted, peeled and
  ; diced
Cloves garlic; chopped
  Salt and freshly ground pepper
100 gram sho grain rice
  Cayenne pepper
Bouquet garni
25 grams Pine nuts
350 grams Chicken stock to cook the rice
1 decilitre White wine
4 decilitres Water
  Parsley stems
Cloves garlic; up to 3
3 decilitres Lamb jus or veal stock
  Salt and pepper
30 grams Butter
30 grams Sugar
50 grams Red wine vinegar
50 grams Roasted pine nuts
30 grams Dried raisins soaked in water




Bone the lamb shoulder, set the bones and trimmings aside. For the stuffing, cook the rice in the chicken stock. Grind the pork loin and pork throat. Mix together with the remaining filling ingredients. Lay the boned shoulder flat, season and spread with the stuffing. Roll into a round and wrap with the pork caul. Secure with kitchen string in a melon shape.

Heat the olive oil in a roasting pan. Lightly colour the shoulder on both sides. Add the chopped bones around the shoulder and roast for 1 hour at 170C, basting often.

After 50 minutes, add the vegetables. Transfer the shoulder to a plate and keep warm. Place the roasting pan on the stove top and lightly colour the vegetables. Strain off any excess fat and deglaze the pan with water. Add the garlic and parsley stems and cook for 30-40 minutes.

For the sauce, caramelise the sugar with some water in a small saucepan.

Deglaze with the vinegar. Cook the vinegar until reduced in volume by half.

Add the lamb jus and cook until reduced to the proper consistency and flavour.

Season to taste with salt and pepper, and strain. Mix in the roasted pine nuts and raisins.

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