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4 servings
  Marge Clark's Christmas Eggnog
  This recipe is TRULY fabulous. Sometimes I hear from folks who
  We knew 20 years ago...they ask if I still do the eggnog party,
  And tell me they still use the recipe.
½ each Dozen eggs, separated
⅔ cup Cognac
⅔ cup Bourbon
⅓ cup Peach brandy
⅔ cup Rum
7 cups Half 'n Half
1⅛ cup Sugar (1 c + 2 Tbsp)
  Nutmeg to taste....(lots!)
  Beat the egg yolks until very light. Pour in the liquor, one
  Type at a time and beat well. (Add the rum LAST to avoid
  "curdling" the eggs). Add cream slowly, while mixing. Add
  Sugar, mix until disolved. sprinkle with nutmeg.
  Beat eggwhites until fluffy, fold into eggnog. Cover and let
  "age" for 24 hours.
  These proportions yield approx 3 1/2 quarts, filling my big pyrex
  Mixing bowl EXACTLY to the rim. ++> 14 cup or 28 punchcup
  Servings. It;s really imperative that you let it rest overnite
  To "smooth out" the flavour. If refrigerator space is at a
  Premium, you can keep the eggwhites covered, unbeaten, in a
  Separate container and just let the egg/cream/sugar/liquor mix
  "mellow", beating and adding the eggwhites before serving.

I used 2 punchbowls, one big one held a double batch, the smaller one held 1½ batches. I used ½ gallon milk cartons to store it in the fridge until party day.... and kept the punchbowl supply chilled with a giant block of "natural" vanilla ice cream.

Submitted By MARGE CLARK On 11-18-94

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