dehydrating fish and meat and fowl

1 servings
  The following 'recipes' (methods really) are pretty classic; you'll find
  That drying meat and fish is simple and fast
  %%%%% FISH %%%%%


Clean and filet. Be sure to remove all fat skin. Dip the cubed fish into soy sauce and dry on a cooky sheet until sufficiently dry to transfer to trays. Dry it quickly, if it will be sotred for a long time, dry very hard. If for more or less immediate use, stop the drying at any point desired. This method gives a delicious, almost smoky flavor. SMELT, OR OTHER SMALL FISH: Clean, but no need to remove bones. Slit down the middle and lay out flat. Dip into soy sauce, or use the 'sprinkle' method; occasionally add soy sauceduring drying. (This method is a joy for tasters, because it requres a lot of tasting to get the flavorjust right.) When thoroughly dry, the bonescan readily be chewed with the fish. Freshly dried smelt are a real treat. Be sure to dry them very hard, however, for long term storage. We recommend cool, dark storage in tightly closed jars for all dried fish or meat. After drying fish, the dehydrator trays should be thoroughly washed to remove any fishy okor. Setting your dehydroator outside in a protected areasuch as a carport makes fish drying more pleasant, though really fresh fish are never a problem.

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%% BEEF JERKY %%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Easy, fast, good results. Start with very lean meat. REmove all visible fat and slice into thin strips. (Fland steak is the cut usually used for drying; slice it with the grain for chewiness, or against the grain for a more tender jerky.) Sprinkle meat strips with a little quality salt, if desired. The meat strips dry quickly, taste delicious, with no further ado; but if desired may be dipped into or sprinkled with soy sauce for a different, more 'smoky' flavor. Dry very hard for long term storage; store in tightly lidded jars in a cool, dark place. Try adding bits of jerky to a green salad. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%% FOWL %%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Remove any fatty skin or fattissue. Slice or cut up as desired (keeping pieces quite thing, for fast drying) Pieces may be lightly dustedwith poultry seasoning before drying, if desired, or with vegetable salt. Dry quickly.

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%% MINCEMEAT LEATHER %%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% For that homemade mincemeat you've been saving. Puree the minemeat in your blender and spread evenly over leather trays to dry. Dry the same as for basic apple leather, about ¼ inch thick. Mincemeat leather, unexpected and delicious.

Origin: Dry It - You'll Like It! circa 1973. Shared by: Sharon Stevens, Jan/95.

Submitted By SHARON STEVENS On 01-27-95

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