cuban black beans

1 Servings
1 pounds Black beans
2 quarts Water
1 large Onion; chopped
Green pepper; chopped 2 cloves garlic, minced
½ cup Vegetable oil
Ham bone or 1/2 pound bacon
½ cup Vinegar
3 cups Hot cooked white rice
  Grated Cheddar cheese
  Chopped hard boiled eggs


Wash beans, place in a large bowl, add water and soak overnight. (Use same water for cooking.) In a large stockpot saute onions, pepper and garlic in oil. Add ham bone and beans with liquid. Simmer over very low heat until beans are mushy and liquid is thick (6-8 hours). Remove ham bone and dice meat. Add meat and vinegar to beans. Serve over rice and garnish.

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