coca-cola brisket

8 Servings
Brisket; trimmed
2 tablespoons Olive oil
1½ cup Onion; chopped
1½ cup Celery; chopped
1 tablespoon Paprika
Cloves garlic; crushed
½ cup Ketchup
¼ cup Hot water
Envelope onion soup mix
1 cup Coca-cola

1. Brush meat with oil on all sides.

2. Sprinkle with seasonings.

3. Place meat in large roaster. 4. Add onions and celery.

5. Mix ketchup with hot water and onion soup mix, stir, and add cola, stir again.

6. Pour over meat.

7. Cover and Bake at 350 for 31/2 hours, basting every ½ hour.

Posted to JEWISH-FOOD digest V97 #252 by "S. Sher" <ssher@...> on Sep 19, 1997

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