christmas eve 1995

12 servings
Granny's punch
1 litre Coke
1 pack Potato chips
1 pack Pretzels
1 pack Fritos
Famous Lipton California Dip
Cheese, Crackers, Pepperoni
Buffet Meatballs
2 cans Crescent rolls
2 packs Chicken Nuggets
1 pack Pizza Rolls
Taco Rolls
  Hot water & various teas, coffees & hot chocolates
Elaines Famous Sugar Cookies
Peppermint Petits Fours
Mrs Smith's Frozen Apple Pie
Cranberry Bread
  Bakery Cookies




8 people for "Snacks" & "Hot Finger Foods" and 12 people for "Dessert." Mom R. brought the Cheese, Crackers & Pepperoni, and the Cranberry Bread. Donna brought the Mini-Tacos and the Taco Rolls. Mom C. brought the bakery cookies. Besides having way too many cookies, everything was quite good.

FRIDAY Take some lemonade and maraschino cherries, and combine in a small freezer-safe container. Stick it in the freezer to use as ice for the punch. Prepare the California Dip and keep refrigerated.

SATURDAY Prepare Sugar Cookies and Petits Fours. Form the meatballs and store them in the fridge, along with cut up carrots and peppers.

SUNDAY, THE PARTY Prepare Granny's Punch at 3:30. Set out the "Snacks." Company arrives at 4:00. Start making the meatballs and crescent rolls at around 5:00 or once everyone has arrived, followed by the pizza rolls, chicken, and tacos. Put the pie in the oven once all of the "Hot Finger Foods" are done. Do gift-giving at around 6:30 or 7:00 when everyone is done eating. Have dessert at around 8:00 or when presents have all been exchanged.

Source: Lisa Clarke, Entered in Meal Master format by Lisa Clarke for Christmas Eve 1995

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