chou farcie a la correzienne

Main dish
6 servings
1 medium Savoy cabbage
1 medium Onion, sliced
1 medium Carrot sliced
750 grams Mixed meats, raw/cooked including raw pork*
200 grams To 250g lard gras
1 slice Raw ham (bayonne type)
1 slice Cooked ham
1 medium Onion, chopped
100 grams Lard gras (pork back fat)
  Crumb of 15 cm french bread
2 tablespoons Cream
Egg yolk (opt)


* NB. As long as there's SOME raw pork, almost any combination of pork, poultry and beef even can be used. Without cooked meat, use ⅓ pie veal and ⅔ lean pork. The lard gras should be ¼ to ⅓ of weight of lean meats.

Make stuffing. Slice bread, soak in milk, working in with fork. Drain & work well. Chop all the meats together and mix with bread, parsley, onion, pepper, cream and optional egg yolk - used if the meat is a bit lean. If you have used ham and salted pork back fat, you won't need salt.

Separate the leaves of the cabbage, carefully, and blanch them in boiling water 5 minutes - refresh.

Using 1 or more leaves (depending on size) stuff each leaf with 1-2 tbs of stuffing, wrapping the leaves round to form a packet. Tie with string.

Meanwhile, fry the remaining lard gras, sliced, in a little oil or lard, in a large casserole until brown and all the fat has run. Fry the cabbage packets a few at a time (cover bottom of pan) till well browned on both sides. Fry the onion and carrot in the remaining fat till softened. Return cabbage balls to pan and pour a little water or stock over to half cover the lowest layer of balls. If you have used ham and salted back fat, you won't need salt. Simmer, repositioning the packets after half time, for about an hour, when the stock will have reduced to a generous sauce. Submitted By IAN HOARE On 11-17-94

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