chicken moelho

1 Servings
1 kilograms Chicken joints
2 teaspoons Cummin seeds
2 teaspoons Mustard seeds
12  Kashmiri chillies
Head garlic
½ teaspoon Turmeric
Onion, sliced
  Salt and vinegar to taste

Grind the cummin, mustard, chillies and garlic. Add the turmeric and enouch vinegar to form a paste. Rub the paste all over the chicken pieces and marinade for as long as possible. Fry the onion until brown then add the chicken and brown. Add a small amount of water (enough to stop the chicken drying out) and simmer until chicken is tender. Add salt and vinegar to taste and cook for a few minutes more.

Note :- This is equally good when lime juice is used in the spice mixture instead of vinegar.

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