chalena (jewish sabbath meal-in-one)

1 Servings
Onions; sliced
Cloves of garlic; minced
2 tablespoons Chicken fat or oil
½ pounds Lima beans; presoaked
½ cup Barley; presoaked
White potatoes; peeled and quartered
Bay leaf
2 pounds Beef brisket or short ribs
2 tablespoons Flour
  Ground pepper
1 tablespoon Paprika
  Boiling water

Mrs. Beverly Applebaum

Barley and paprika figure prominently in this traditional Jewish stew.

Barley was an important crop in San Bernardino, eventually fueling the several breweries that cropped up in the 1860s and 1870s. A wide variety of spices were available in San Bernardino at this period, but paprika has not been documented.

Brown the onions and the garlic lightly in the chicken fat or oil, using a heavy pot. Pour in the beans, barley, potatoes, and bay leaf. Make a space in the center and in it place the meat. Mix the powdered seasonings with the flour and a little water to form a slurry and pour it over the bean mixture. Add boiling water almost to the top of the pot. Cover tightly and bake in a slow oven at about 300ø until the meat and beans are tender.

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