carne picada burritos (steak ranchero)

4 Servings
2 tablespoons Oil
Diced onion
1 pounds Beef tri-tip; diced 1-inch (or meat of choice)
Seeded fresh Jalapenos (Habaneros;etc)
Ripe tomatoes; chopped
Cloves garlic; chopped fine
  Hot flour tortillas

Date: Thu, 15 Feb 1996 08:43:30 -0500 From: "Mario A. Subia" <mas@...> For those of you who do not subscribe to Saveur magazine there was recently a section on authentic Mexican food. (No yellow cheese, a dribble of sour cream, very little lettuce, ...etc.). One of the recipes Carne Picada Burritos ( or Steak Ranchero ) was a featured item, to those of you who like Texan-fajitas this is the forerunner and IMHO the easiest and best.


Heat 2 tbsp. oil in pan and add onions then cook till translucent for about ten minutes, add jalapenos, turn heat to high then add meat and brown for 2 minutes. Now add garlic and tomatoes and let simmer for a few minutes and serve as gravy begins to from, place in hot flour tortillas... Simple, Wonderful, Traditional.


From the Chile-Heads recipe list. Downloaded from Glen's MM Recipe Archive, .

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