carne de cochino en adobo - pork adobado

1 Servings
2 kilograms Pork in small pieces (square ones)
Garlics complete
Hot pepper (red one) we call it "pimienta colorada" (please put some water in fire and keep this pepper during 2 mins)
Black pepper grains (up to 5)
Spoon of red paprika powder
  Olive oil
  Salt (marine)
  Selected (no in bouquet) of laurel + thyme + oregano

To prepare the adobo: in a mortar put the garlics, red hot pepper, salt and some pepper grains. and crush well. When is done, add the laurel, thyme and oregano with a spoon of pimenton-red paprika powder- oil and vinegar....

doing to oneself's taste... The quantity of above adobo is to cover the 2 kgs of meat. Cover the meat with this adobo and keep it for 12 hours... And fry it.

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