butter busters easy substitutions

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  Fat-Free or
  Weight Watchers Extra Light
  Borden, Alpine Lace, or Lifetime
  low and non fat cheeses
  Free Franks (1g fat per dog)
  fudge topping, cocoa, or
  Hershey's syrup
  Valley or homemade baked items
  (Hellman's has a 1g fat one now)
  turkey slices
  and nonfat yogurt blend, or LOL
  fat free sour cream
  Healthy choice or Alpine Lace Fat
  Free CC
  pretzels, fat free chips, or
  or nonfat granola bars
  Choice Ground beef or Venison
  baked potato
  liquid Butter Buds, or Karo syrup


To replace: Use these instead: butter or oil Butter Buds (mix to make liquid) margarine Smart Beat, Promise Ultra margarine

eggs Egg Beaters or Egg Whites cheese Polly O Free, Healthy Choice, hot dogs Hormel or Healthy Choice 97% Fat chocolate Braum's or Smuckers fat free commercial baked items Entenmanns fat free, Health commercial muffins or biscuits fat free mixes or homemade mayonnaise Kraft fat free or Miracle Whip avocados water chestnuts luncheon meats water packed tuna or low fat nuts Grapenuts cereal red meat chicken, turkey, fish or venison sour cream nonfat cottage cheese, lemon juice

cream cheese Philly fat free cream cheese, chips Smart temptations tortilla chips, salad dressings nonfat salad dressings cream sauces marinara sauces granola or granola bars any nonfat cereal, nonfat granola ice cream frozen nonfat yogurt/ice cream cream evaporated skim milk milk skim milk sausage Healthy Choice low fat sausages hamburger ground turkey or chicken, Healthy anything fried baked or broiled bacon low fat canadian bacon snack crackers fat free crackers french fries oven baked french fries, olives pickles or water chestnuts lamb fish veal turkey cutlets pork lean pork tenderloin oil applesauce, fat free chicken Butter Busters by Pam Mycoskie ISBN 0-446-6740-5 Entered by Carolyn Shaw 2-95

Submitted By CAROLYN SHAW On 02-15-95

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