bryndzove halusky (dumplings with feta cheese) (slovakia)

East europe
1 servings
600 grams Raw potatoes
300 grams Fine whole wheat flour
200 grams Bryndza of feta cheese
100 grams Smoked bacon
  Salt and pepper

Grate the peeled raw potatoes, mix with flour and add a little water if necessary. Add salt to your taste. Halushky are formed with a knife or a teaspoon on a wooden plate washed with cold water and thrown into bubbling salted water. Boil a little. When it emerges on the surface, take out, rinse with water and mix with feta cheese.

Serve with bacon, cut in small pieces and fried in butter. Bon Appetit.

Bryndza from the feta cheese:

Wash the feta cheese with water, grate and mix with butter to bryndza consistency.

Authentic recipe from Slovakia directly from Slovakia via the Internet. Typed in Meal-Master format by Arthur Cloninger, 4/14/95

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