bruce frankel's apple cider mustard

1 Servings
½ cup Yellow mustard seeds
1 tablespoon Brown mustard seeds
¼ cup Prepared mustard
½ cup Cider vinegar
½ cup Hard dry apple cider or
  Dry white wine
⅓ cup Sweet cider

Coarsely grind yellow and brown mustard seeds in blender,spice mill or mortar and pestile.Seeds should be partially pulverizes but not powdered. Combine prepared mustard with vinegar,apple cider and sweet cider,whisking until smooth.Mix in the crushed mustard seeds. Let mustard "ripen" in refrigerator at least 48 hours to enable flavors to blend and mellow.. Apple cider mustard goes great with smoked ham and Cheddar cheese. Makes about 2 cups...

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