braised duck^

1 servings
Good sized duck, an old one
  Will do
¼ pounds Salt pork
Carrot, diced
Onion, sliced
Bay leaf
  Little parsley
3 cups Hot water
  Salt and cayenne to taste
2 tablespoons Flour
  Rubbed smooth with
2 tablespoons Butter

Truss duck as for roasting or cut into joints. Cut the pork into small pieces and fry. Add vegetables, bay leaf and parsley; cook 5 minutes.

Put in duck and fry till browned. Place the whole works in a baking dish, add water, cover closely and cook in a moderate oven till tender, adding more water if need be. Dish up, and thicken gravy with flour and butter mixture. Season highly and serve with currant jelly or apple sauce. Many of the recipes in this collection did not contain amounts or oven temperatures. I have typed them in as they appear in the book, typos and all.

Depression Era Recipes Patricia R. Wagner ISBN 0-934860-55-6 Entered by Carolyn Shaw 5-95

Submitted By CAROLYN SHAW On 06-10-95

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