bohemian christmas bread

1 Loaf
1½ teaspoon Active dry yeast
3 cups Bread flour
1 teaspoon Dried lemonpeel
1½ teaspoon Salt
3½ tablespoon Sugar
1 each Egg
2 tablespoons Butter
6 ounces Warm milk
2 ounces Warm water
4½ tablespoon Chopped almonds
3½ tablespoon Raisins
1 teaspoon Active dry yeast
2 cups Bread flour
½ teaspoon Dried lemon peel
1 teaspoon Salt
2½ tablespoon Sugar
1 each Egg
1½ tablespoon Butter
½ cup Warm milk
1½ ounce Warm water
3 tablespoons Chopped almonds
2½ tablespoon Raisins



NOTES: For Panasonic/National machines, use 3 tsp. of yeast for the 1 ½ lb.loaf.

If your machine has a mix cycle, the almonds and raisins can be added at the beginning or at the mix beep. They can also be added towards the end of the mixing process.

SOURCE; Quick & Delicious Bread Machine Recipes by Norman A. Garrett, copyright 1993, ISBN #0-8069-8812-6. Formatted into MM by Ursula R.


This delightful bread is great for parties and celebrations. The raisins and nuts give it a fextive flavor and texture that's hard to beat.

Because this bread is an extremely high rise, a 1-pound loaf will easily fill a large bread-machine bucket. Test the small recipe first to see how the loaf rises in your machine.

Follow manufacturer's directions on loading.

NUTRITIONAL ANALYSIS: 1 ½-pound loaf: total calories - 2320, total protein - 69 gm, total carbohydrates - 382 gm, total fat - 58 gm, total saturated fat - 20 gm, total cholesterol - 283 mg, total sodium ~ 3361 mg, total fibre - 10 gm, % calories from fat - 22%.

1-pound loaf: total calories - 1600, total protein 48 gm, total carbohydrates - 258 gm, total fat - 42 gm, total saturated fat - 15 gm, total cholesterol - 255 mg, total sodium - 2268 mg, total fibre - 7 gm, % calories from fat - 24%....

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