blueberry popsickle

Mixed drink
1 Servings
⅓  Part Blueberry Schnapps
⅔  Part Milk
  Blue Cuacao

While on a bus trip for skiing in PA a few years back, we had about ½ a day to waste before boarding the bus to go home. In the ski lodge was a bar and while at the bar the bartender made us all what he called a blueberry popsickle. It was in a tea type of glass, ⅓ Bluesburry Schapps and ⅔ milk and enough Blue Cuacao to turn the color a light blue. This is poured into a blender with ice and blend until you have slush like drink. The bartender said that you could use any type of milk that you wanted, powered, skin, and so on. I have never found anyone since that has seen or heard of this drink.

It's great while in the hot tub. The bartender also said that you could make peach or what ever type of schnapps you have with the same recipe, just sub the Blue Cuacaco with a liqueur that will give you the desired color.

Recipe by: from Darcy Harding

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