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To help you calculate how much you'll need for a cocktail party, keep these guidelines in mind:

~ One 750-ml bottle of wine produces about five 5-oz glasses of wine.

~ One 750-ml bottle of liquor yields about 17 shots (a shot equals 1 oz). ~ One 1-liter bottle of liquor yields about 22 shots ~ One liter of soda tops off six to seven 12-oz highball glasses that contain ice and one shot of liquor. ~ Five pounds of ice fill twenty 12-oz highball glasses.

What to have on hand for a group of 10: ~ One 750-ml bottle bourbon ~ One 750-ml bottle blended whiskey ~ One 750-ml bottle blended scotch ~ One 750-ml bottle London dry gin ~ Two 750-ml bottles vodka ~ One 375-ml bottle dry vermouth ~ One 375-ml bottle sweet vermouth ~ Three to four 750-ml bottles dry white wine ~ Two 750-ml bottles dry red wine ~ 12 bottles beer ~ 1 liter lemon-lime soda ~ 1 liter cola ~ 1 liter diet cola ~ 1 liter ginger ale ~ 1 liter tonic water ~ 2 liters club soda ~ 2 quarts orange juice ~ 1 quart cranberry juice ~ 1 quart tomato juice ~ 1 bottle each of Angostura and Peychaud's bitters ~ 1 bottle Worcestershire sauce ~ 1 jar horseradish ~ 1 jar cocktail olives ~ 1 jar cocktail onions ~ 1 jar maraschino cherries ~ 15 to 20 pounds ice Food and Wine Collector's Issue: The Only Entertaining Guide You'll Need May 1995

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