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  Best Fish for Stock
  Common Fish That Make Good Stock
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  Best Fish for Stew
  Firm, White-Fleshed Fillets Atlantic pollack
  Tender, White-Fleshed Fillets
  Cook's Illustrated
  November/December 1994

Some fish trimmings make exceptionally good stock rich, gelatinous, and thick. Others add strong, oily flavors and are best avoided.

Blackfish Monkfish (the heads are legendary for stock) Red snapper Sea bass

Cod Flatfish (flounder, sole , etc.) Haddock Pacific pollack Rockfish Salmon Shells of lobster or shrimp Skate Bluefish Mackerel Pompano Smelt The best fish stews have a variety of fish, not just a combination of shellfish and finfish, but different types of finfish, some firm, some delicate. Here's a guide to the different kinds of fish fillets you're likely to see in the market.

Blackfish Catfish Dogfish Grouper Monkfish Red snapper Tilefish Wolffish

Cod Flatfish (Flounder, sole , etc.) Haddock Pacific pollack Rockfish Sea bass Turbot Weakfish (sea trout) Whiting Submitted By DIANE LAZARUS On 12-20-94

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