beef stew in a crockpot

1 servings
  Toss in some cubed beef, no
  Need to brown it. Peel some
  Potatoes and
  Add them. Quarter an onion
  Or two and add them. Whole
  Baby carrots, or
 large Carrots in 3" chunks, one
 can Tomato soup (I use
  Campbell's) a
  Generous sprinkle of pepper,
2 bay leaves, and enough
  Water to thin

This can be left to cook for several hours. You can also mix it in a casserole dish and cook it for 1-2 hours in a 375 oven, but the meat won't be very tender. When you are cutting up the potatoes and carrots, consider how long you will be cooking it. I mean, if I am throwing this into my crock-pot at 8am before leaving for work, and I know I won't be home until 6-7pm, I cut the vegetables *large* so they don't overcook.

This stew smells wonderful. Nice to walk in the house on a cold, wet evening and get the great aroma! the soup so that all the ingredients are more or less submerged From: Bill Jernigan Date: 11-05-95 (08:17) (164) Fido: Home Co

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