bean cheese pie

8 servings
¾ cup Unbleached flour
½ cup Cheddar cheese; shredded
1½ teaspoon Baking powder
½ teaspoon Salt
⅓ cup Skim milk; at room temp.
Egg white; whipped
1 can Garbanzo beans; (15 1/2 oz)
1 can Kidney beans; (15 1/2 oz)
1 can Tomato sauce; (8 oz)
1 cup Bell peppers; chopped
¼ cup Onion; chopped
2 teaspoons Chili powder
1 pack Taco seasoning mix
Cl Garlic
½ cup Cheddar cheese; shredded

Recipe by: Betty Crocker's Mexican Made Easy Preparation Time: 0:15 Preheat oven at 375. Prepare pie plate, 10 x 1" with cooking spray and flour. Mix flour, ½ cup cheese, baking powder and salt in medium bowl. Stir in milk and egg white until blended. Spread over bottom and up side of pie plate. Mix remaining ingredients except ½ cup cheese. Spoon into pie plate; sprinkle with ½ cup cheese.

Bake uncovered about 25 minutes or until edge is puffy and light brown. Let stand 10 minutes before cutting.

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