baked ducks in sweet & sour sauce

Main dish
4 servings
Wild ducks
Orange [sliced]
Apple [sliced]
2 tablespoons Oil
2 tablespoons Brown sugar
¼ cup Worchestershire sauce
¾ cup Catsup
2 tablespoons Lemon Juice
½ cup Onion [grated]
½ teaspoon Paprika
¼ cup White vinegar

1) Rince the ducks and pat dry inside and out, then stuff the duck's cavities with the sliced fruit. rub them with the oil and place them in a baking dish... 2) Combine the remaining ingredients in a bowl mixing well and spoon over the ducks... 3) Bake, tighly sealed with foil, in a 325ø oven for 2 hours or `til tender, then bake uncovered `til browned...

Source: "Bill Saiff's Rod & Reel Recipes for Hookin' & Cookin'" cookbook re-typed with permission for you by FRED GOSLIN in Watertown NY on Cyberealm Bbs. Home of KookNet at (315) 786-1120

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