autumn fruit sauce

12 Servings
Pears-such as Bartlett
Quince or Granny Smith apples OR
Apples-any tart variety
1½ quart Stock; fresh lamb stock, beef stock or chicken stock
¾ cup Cognac
1½ tablespoon Poire eau de vie; (pear liqueur)

Peel and core the 3 pears and the quince and cut into small pieces. Add the pears and quince to the stock used to cook the seckel pears for the Rack of Lamb, or just use straight stock if preparing this recipe for some other meat. Bring to a simmer, and cook until fruit is soft and stock is reduced by ⅓, about 1 hour. Process fruit mixture in a food mill or food processor until smooth and return to pan. Add cognac and simmer slowly, skimming as needed, for at least ½ hour. Season with salt and pepper and add poire. Strain sauce.

Recipe can be made a day ahead of use.

Put sauce on individual plates and put the meat on each plate.

Recipe by Mangia!

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