artelia's plain biscuits

24 servings
3 cups All-Purpose Flour -- sifted
3 teaspoons Baking Powder
1 tablespoon Sugar -- optional
¾ teaspoon Salt
½ cup Butter
¾ cup (Approx)
Egg -- well beaten

Preheat oven to 400 F. Sift dry ingredients together. Then; using a pastry blender or 2 knives, cut in the butter. Combine milk and egg and slowly add to flour until mixture is wet enough to hold together.

Turn onto a floured board. Knead, then roll to ½-inch thickness and cut with a biscuit cutter. Bake for 10 to 12 mins or until lightly golden. Yield: about 2 dozen biscuits.

Recipe By : Spoonbread & Strawberry Wine - ISBN 0-385-47270-6 From: Dan Klepach Date: 05-09-95 (24) Homecook

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