arros amb fesols y naps ( rice with white beans and turnips

4 servings
250  gr. of white beans in soaking
400  gr. of pig hock
200  gr. of pig ear
1 small foot of pig
100  gr of bacon
valencian black puddings
white puddings
or 8 turnips cut into pieces
400  gr. of rice
  some strands of dry saffron
3 litres of water

In a pot with water, the beans throw, the elements of the pig, the turnips and some salt. He/she allows to cook in a slow and continuous way.

As meats and sausages are cooked, they are taken out of the broth and they allow to cool down a little to be able to them to cut to pieces.

When in the pot they are only the beans and the turnips, with the broth, this of salt is rectified and, arrived the moment, is added the rice, and some saffron.

When the rice is to a little more than half cooking, they are added the meats and cut sausages and, once finished the cooking, this exquisite strong plate of rice is served that should be with a lot of stock.

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