ambot tik (a sour and hot dish)

1 Servings
½ kilograms Fish, shark, catfish or other 'meaty' fish
10  Dried red chillies
¼ teaspoon Cummin seeds
1/4-inch piece of turmeric or-
½ teaspoon Ground
Cloves garlic
1/2-inch piece of ginger
Marble-sized ball of tamarind mixed in:
1 cup Water or equivalent of 'instant' e.g Tamcon
Finely sliced onion
2 tablespoons Oil

Clean and wash the fish. Cut into small steaks, rub in salt and set aside.

Grind all the other ingredients bar the onion into a paste (masala) with a little water. Fry the onion until brown. Add the masala and fry for a minute. Add 1 cup of water. Bring to boil then add fish. Cook on low heat until tender. A little salt and vinegar may be added if desired.

Serve with plain boiled rice.

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