alligator stew #1

500 Servings
400 pounds Alligator, declawed, scaled and tee
6 eaches Plucked ducks
1 each Fat goose
2 eaches Bushels crawdads
6 pounds Each mustard greens, turnip greens,
10 pounds Potatoes
15 pounds Carrots
10 pounds Bermuda onions
24 eaches Hand picked coconuts
12 eaches Pineapples to season
1 cup Cayenne pepper
5 pounds Rock salt
2 cups Gumbo file powder
1 each 5 lb truffle


Marinate the gator for several days in laundry tub in good moonshine.

Run the ducks through the washing machine on permanent press. Hang goose on clothesline 3 days. Wash all the greens through the machine on gentle. Assemble all ingredients in the back end of a dump truck, now slowly back up over bonfire, leave 24 hours. Fill your caulking gun with mashed truffle and flute over the alligator and Voila- alligator stew for 500 of your intimate friends. Whatever you do, don't forget the finger bowls!

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