a little something to go with that chicken:

Main dish
1 servings
3 ounces Sharp cheddar cheese
2 mediums Jalapeno peppers
8½ ounce Cream-style corn (1 can)
1 cup Yellow cornmeal
1 teaspoon Salt
½ teaspoon Baking soda
¾ cup Buttermilk
½ cup Corn oil
2 tablespoons Butter

PREPARATION: Adjust oven rack to center position; heat oven to 400F.

Grate cheese (1 cup) and mince jalapeno peppers (¼ cup). In a mixing bowl, combine corn, cornmeal, egggs, salt, baking soda, buttermilk, oil, ½ cup cheese and peppers.

COOKING: Put butter in a 1½ quart casserole or 9-inch oven-proof frying pan; heat in oven until butter is hot. Pour cornbread mixture into the pan and sprinkle with remaining cheese. Bake until golden, about 35 minutes.

Makes 8 servings

Submitted By BARRY WEINSTEIN On 07-10-95

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