a fourteenth century pie

Main dish
8 Servings
  Short crust pastry
Young partridges
12  Larks
  Boned thrushes and other
  Small birds
Egg yolk

1. Make a firm short crust using some eggs with the water to mix the flour and a little salt; but no sugar. 2. Roll it out but not to thin, and with it line a tin pie mould that opens and is kept closed with a metal skewer.

3. Put in the middle of the pie 3 young partridges (boned) and 4. round them put 6 fine quail boned and stuffed. 5. Round these put 12 larks, boned. 6. Cut a little bacon and dice and sprinkle them into the pie. 7.

Put in some sour grapes and a very little salt. 8. And fill up with boned thrushes ans other small birds. 9. Put in neither spice, nor cheese nor water. 10. Ornament the top crust; make a hole in the middle; brush it over with yolk of an egg, and bake in a very moderate oven for several hours according to size. Meantime make some good clear nicely flavoured game stock that will be a firm jelly when cold; strain it, and directly the pie comes from the oven pour it, hot, into the pie by means of a funnel placed in the hole in the middle of the lid.

NB - This pie may be eaten hot or cold. For a ball supper it will of course be eaten cold.

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