"sun" dried tomatoes aug 1997

1 Servings
  Firm ripe tomatoes
  Olive oil
  Oregano (very little)
  Very little vinegar

Cut tomatoes in half, lengthwise and discard the seeds. Sprinkle cut surface with a little sugar and turn tomatoes over to drain for 1 hour.

Baste them with oil. Place on a rack in a 250 F oven, turn temp down to 200. bake 8 hours, checking and turning. Remove the ones that are done.

tomatoes are ready when they are shriveled but you can still feel the meat.

Past this point, they are dissected, not dried. Place in a jar with olive oil, oil, and a pinch oregano. Chill.

NOTES : I was inspired to this recipe by other recipes from the lists I subscribe to

Recipe by: Miriam Podcameni Posvolsky Posted to Bakery-Shoppe Digest V1 #231 by Leon & Miriam Posvolsky <miriamp@...> on Sep 12, 1997

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