"made in japan" chicken teriyaki

1 Servings
Chicken breasts; shredded
4 cups Bean sprouts
3 cups Cabbage; sliced
1 cup Mushrooms; sliced
1 cup Any other vegetables; matchsticked or chop
  Salt and pepper
  Terriyaki sauce

1. In wok or large skillet, with small amount of oil, cook vegetables until done.

2. In smaller skillet (or same skillet after vegetables are cooked), heat small amount of oil and quickly cook chicken shreds until done. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

3. Serve both over plate of sticky rice drizzled with a good store-bought terriyaki sauce.

NOTES : Other vegetables to add: carrots, broccoli, celery, bok choy. I like the cabbage well-done, but the beansprouts added at the very last minute so they're hot, but still crunchy.

Recipe by: Cathleen

Posted to recipelu-digest Volume 01 Number 442 by "Diane Geary." <diane@...> on Jan 3, 1998

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