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Léon Brocard

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Personal data

07970 535870

Work Experience

Software Architecture & QA Manager
Product owner for the Christmas team, cloudbursting to hundreds of servers on AWS. Launched PaperShaker, an internal Node.js/PHP startup in new vertical. Introduced test automation via Cucumber/Capybara.
Chief Technical Officer
Integration for a new serviced office: websites, door and printer access. Scraping and mapping supermarkets to locate redevelopment sites.
Chief Technical Officer
Mr Monkey
Founded & launched a new business every two months. Built shopping cart with Paypal and Google Checkout. Wrote Tick My Boxes — The web developers' checklist. Built Magic Toolbox — “Image tools for your website”, expanded the business and ultimately sold the company.
Senior Web Developer
Rearchitected the import system using ETL principles. Created Flash floorplans where mousing over a room reveals photos and description (using SVG, PDF). Programmatically created weekly property flyers in PDF. Created property vodcasts automatically.


Imperial College London
Joint Mathematics and Computing
Individual project implemented an iterative web site mirroring program. Group project implemented a Miranda compiler in the functional language Miranda.

Additional information

Perl Pumpkin
Released Perl 5.005_04, Perl 5.11.2, Perl 5.13.0 and Perl 5.12.4.
CPAN Author
Released and maintained over 80 Perl modules to the CPAN, including: Data::Page, Net::Amazon::S3 and Net::VNC.
Astray Recipes
Providing 180,000 recipes on by parsing partially-organised information and indexing for high performance.
Speaker at Open Source conferences
YAPC::Europe 2000–2013, German Perl Workshop 2001–2003, YAPC::Taipei 2005, O'Reilly Open Source Conference 2001–2003, 2005, JOIN 2003, Scandinavian Perl Workshop 2004, 2007, YAPC::Asia 2006, 2008.
Prize Winner
BBC Backstage Competition for building MighTyV with Leo Lapworth — a social TV website with scheduling and recommendations.
Website localisation, UK Patent GB2403306.
English, French, German.
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